Personalised Mother’s Day Fondant Cupcakes

Create a delicious personalised gift for your mum this Mother’s Day. Simply pick a flavour and box size, then choose a photo to add to your cupcakes (just upload it above). We’ll get baking and deliver straight to your door. It’s a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea!
Our tasty Mother’s Day cupcake gift boxes can be sent directly to your mum to give her a lovely surprise, or to you. Make sure you add the correct UK delivery address at checkout.
Tip! Don’t forget to add a gift note at checkout. It will be printed on a lovely postcard which will let your mum know exactly who to thank for her amazing cupcake gift box!!
Your Mother’s Day cupcakes are sent in extra special packaging to ensure they get to their destination in perfect condition. The cupcakes are baked in foil cases to keep them extra fresh, but they are best eaten within 5 days (which we don’t think will be a problem!). Please remove all the packaging when you receive them and don’t store them in the fridge. In general, you should never store cakes in the fridge unless they have fresh cream. The refrigerator dries cake out and nobody likes a dry cake do they?!
Don’t forget you can also Create Your Own personalised cupcakes with our easy to use cupcake tool. Upload photos, messages and images, and add fun designs to create a truly personalised gift.